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 Part No.NameDescriptionRRP inc VATUnit of Measure
C540Small Stainless Steel Fid £7.43 EACH
C541Large Stainless Steel Fid £13.85 EACH
RSE5097SPL5 piece S Steel Splicing Set Hollow Needle Type - for braided ropes £82.28 EACH
WH247370mm HR Snap Shackle SWV eye Wichard Length: 70 MM Type: Shackle £79.76 EACH
WH247590mm HR Snap Shackle SWV eye Wichard Length: 90 MM Type: Shackle £137.16 EACH
WH2490110mm One Hand Sail Snap Wichard Length: 110 MM Type: Shackle £98.54 EACH
NX103Pump Action Spinnaker Cleats Northfix £10.98 EACH
BMZ1101Sailcloth Barrel Bag White Small 50 x 25cm 24L Capacity: 24 L Colour: White Dimensions: 50 x 25 CM Size: Small Type: Barrel Bag £29.99 EACH
BMZ1102Sailcloth Barrel Bag White Medium 60 x 30cm 43L Capacity: 43 L Colour: White Dimensions: 60 x 30 CM Size: Medium Type: Barrel Bag £34.99 EACH
BMZ1103Sailcloth Barrel Bag White Large 70 x 37cm 75L Capacity: 75 L Colour: White Dimensions: 70 x 37 CM Size: Large Type: Barrel Bag £39.98 EACH