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Aquabatten Leech Tapered Carbon

Leech Tapered Carbon Batten 1000 x 15mm | 6 x 1mm

  • PRE-PREG CARBON EPOXY tapered batten range
  • Up to 35% lighter for a given stiffness
  • Unique layering process increases inter-laminar bond
  • Laminate construction encapsulated in a multi layer outer casing minimises batten failure
  • Stress is dissipated along the full length of the batten
  • Increased torque stress resistance (twist), where uni-directional milled pultruded battens can fail
A laminated pre-preg carbon epoxy batten using a multiple pre-preg scrim layup with the taper built within the layup, ensuring that the outer surfaces are complete from end to end - no exposed carbon fibre.
  • Increased durablity due to hydrophobic epoxy resin systems ensuring the designed weight and strength.
  • pre-preg scrim is bi-directional to prevent the batten from twisting from torque.
  • EI numbers for all battens give the specific stiffness which corresponds to Sail Design program FEA output.
  • Range covers dinghies all the way to 60 foot yachts.
  • Other widths are available to special order with no mimimum order quantity.
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