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Founded in 1917, Bainbridge International is one of the longest established sailcloth manufacturers in the world, with almost a century's experience in developing and supplying the highest quality, highest performance materials to the marine industry.

SPX Balanced 25 Natural Sailcloth

SPX Balanced 25 Natural Sailcloth is produced to suit a variety of sail applications and features high tenacity yarns for strength and durability

  • Providing a wide set of construction styles
  • The higher weights suit bigger sails - including tall ships
  • Available in a range of higher weights
  • Near parity strength in warp and fill 'balances' the cloth and makes it suitable for low aspect sail designs
  • Wide weight and extensive application possibilities makes this cloth a competitive solution for sailmakers
  • ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management compliant

 Part No.NameDescriptionRRP inc VATUnit of Measure
FWP042500SPX-425 140cm Denier: 167 x 280 W X F Style: SPX-425 Weight: 170 / 3.97 GSM/SMOZ £17.52 METRE
FWP052500SPX-525 140cm Denier: 252 x 300 W X F Style: SPX-525 Weight: 223 / 5.2 GSM/SMOZ £18.52 METRE
FWP062500SPX-625 140cm Denier: 252 x 500 W X F Style: SPX-625 Weight: 278 / 6.5 GSM/SMOZ £22.24 METRE
FWP072500SPX-725 140cm Denier: 330 x 660 W X F Style: SPX-725 Weight: 325 / 7.6 GSM/SMOZ £25.46 METRE
FWP082500SPX-825 140cm Denier: 550 x 830 W X F Style: SPX-825 Weight: 364 / 8.5 GSM/SMOZ £26.12 METRE
FWP092500SPX-925 140cm Denier: 450 x 846 W X F Style: SPX-925 Weight: 415 / 9.7 GSM/SMOZ £24.56 METRE
FWP102500SPX-1025 140cm Denier: 750 x 1000 W X F Style: SPX-1025 Weight: 451 / 10.6 GSM/SMOZ £31.58 METRE