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Founded in 1917, Bainbridge International is one of the longest established sailcloth manufacturers in the world, with almost a century's experience in developing and supplying the highest quality, highest performance materials to the marine industry.

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 Part No.NameDescriptionRRP inc VATUnit of Measure
Q006024Shock Cord 20cm 4mm Dia. Nylon Hooks Diameter: 4 MM Hook Type: Nylon Length: 200 MM Weight: 8 G £5.82 PACK 4
Q006025Shock Cord 30cm 6mm Dia. Nylon Hooks Diameter: 6 MM Hook Type: Nylon Length: 300 MM Weight: 15 G £6.89 PACK 4
Q006026Shock Cord 50cm 8mm Dia. Nylon Hooks Diameter: 8 MM Hook Type: Nylon Length: 500 MM Weight: 47 G £10.19 PACK 4
Q006028Shock Cord 50cm 8mm Dia Stainless Steel Hooks Diameter: 8 MM Hook Type: Stainless Steel Length: 500 MM Weight: 70 G £17.88 PACK 4
Q006029Shock Cord 75cm 10mm Dia. Stainless Steel Hooks Diameter: 10 MM Hook Type: Stainless Steel Length: 800 MM Weight: 110 G £19.94 PACK 4
TRC0606030Shock Cord 30cm 6mm Dia Stainless Steel Hooks £3.68 EACH
Q003381Sail Fasteners With Plastic Balls 30cm Diameter: 4 MM Length: 30 CM Weight: 20 G £6.14 PACK 4
Q003382Sail Fasteners With Plastic Balls 40cm Diameter: 4 MM Length: 40 CM Weight: 20 G £6.54 PACK 4
Q003383Sail Fasteners With Plastic Balls 50cm Diameter: 4 MM Length: 50 CM Weight: 30 G £7.22 PACK 4
Q003384Millipede Set For Mast 200cm Diameter: 8 MM Length: 2 M £24.05 EACH