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Founded in 1917, Bainbridge International is one of the longest established sailcloth manufacturers in the world, with almost a century's experience in developing and supplying the highest quality, highest performance materials to the marine industry.

Solacryl Coated Acrylic

Solacryl Coated Beige 152cm

Solacryl Coated is made from solution-dyed acrylic fibres with exceptional resistance to saline environments and designed for use on boats.

Designed to achieve superior waterproofing, giving a water column in excess of 1000mm. In addition to the Infinity Process (see Additional Info tab), Solacryl Coated has a high-tech resin on one side, providing the canvas with optimal resistance to water penetration.
  • Perfect for use in biminis, tonneaus, spray hoods, flybridge and mooring covers
  • Solacryl is coated on one side with high-tech resin impregnation
  • Resin finish is matt and clear - no white or milky appearance to canvas
  • Antimicrobal treatment prevents micro-organisms adhering to the fabric
  • Perfectly resists the particular conditions of marine environments
  • Offers superior waterproof qualities with breathability
  • Acrylic yarns give excellent UV protection
Infinity Process

Solacryl acrylic canvas is treated with a special technological process to ensure the lasting quality of the fabric. In this process, nanoparticles completely cover the surface of the fibres in the fabric, forming a permanent coat. After treatment, both the surface and the inside of the fabric are permanently protected against dirt build-up, and adverse effects of a wide variety of atmospheric agents.

The low reactivity and high stability of the Infinity treatment endows long-term protection to the awning, especially against mildew and provides excellent water and oil repellence.

Care & Cleaning

Proper care and cleaning should be taken to ensure the life of your Solacryl acrylic canvas.

For regular care and maintenance, the excess dirt should be brushed from the fabric using a soft brush; the fabric should then be sprayed with warm water (not exceeding 40°C) and air dried.

Periodically, the fabric should undergo a more thorough cleaning. Again, brush fabric with a soft bristled brush, spray with warm water, then apply a gentle soap. Let stand for 10-20 minutes taking care not to let it dry, then rinse thoroughly and air dry. Do not use detergents and/or solvents.


Solacryl acrylic canvas is manufactured with only the highest quality raw materials and the most rigorous quality-assurance procedures. We offer a 5 year warranty on our 100% solution dyed acrylic products.

The warranty protects against the loss of characteristics, rot, mildew and discolouration typical in normal atmospheric conditions. This warranty does not apply against deterioration of any kind due to abusive use, accidental burns, negligence, vandalism, perforations, natural disasters or acts of nature. Normal wear, weather soiling or stains from environmental pollution or other sources are not covered.

The product must be properly installed and maintained. The warranty, if applicable, does not cover labour, frames, systems and installation supplied by the dealer.

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