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Founded in 1917, Bainbridge International is one of the longest established sailcloth manufacturers in the world, with almost a century's experience in developing and supplying the highest quality, highest performance materials to the marine industry.

HSXp Balanced 26 Ripstop Sailcloth

HSXp 626 Grey 137cm

Developed as a premium range product from the outset, NEW HSX-P brings the proven advantages of a double ripstop woven polyester sailcloth to the Cruising/Cruise race sailor.

This new generation of sailcloth demonstrates the further advancement of Bainbridge's unique specialist expertise in developing technical ripstop fabrics which optimise strength, performance and quality.

HSX-P has been developed using the same extensive R&D programme as the established HSX-V Vectran® project and has benefitted in its evolution from the shared knowledge and ongoing field testing of Bainbridge ripstop fabrics.

Coupled with the unique Bainbridge finishing process - perfected within our own production facility in Lyon, France, and using the specialist formula know-how to ensure exactly the right amount of finish is integrated into the perfectly woven sailcloth.

This scientific process is essential to the performance and durability of the sailcloth - and can only be achieved by Bainbridge thanks to a century of knowledge and theory we have derived from pioneering these techniques.

The development of this new product has been influenced by the following design specification set out for the project:
  • To only use the highest quality polyester yarns throughout its construction - to ensure consistently good weave and predictable finish characteristics through the heat setting process
  • To produce a sailcloth of such a tightly packed and highly woven standard reduces the reliance on 'resin fill' to 'up the weight' of the sailcloth
  • To research and optimise the exact double ripstop pattern to deliver the highest possible bias strength from a 100% polyester fibre fabric
For the Sailor A highly durable sailcloth with a visually clear strength and performance advantage over traditional plain weave products.

For the Sailmaker A competitively priced, good performance product that is easy to work and handle - enabling the production of high quality finished sails.

Swatch booklet available upon request from Bainbridge Customer Services
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