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D Shackles - Galvanised
Supplied individually carded.

 Part No.NameDescriptionRRP inc VATUnit of Measure
Q053280D Shackle HD Galvanised 5mm L19mm with 10mm gap 5mm pin Jaw Width: 10 MM Length: 30 MM Pin Diameter: 5 MM £13.28 PACK 10
Q053281D Shackle HD Galvanised 6mm L24mm with 12mm gap 6mm pin Jaw Width: 13 MM Length: 40 MM Pin Diameter: 6 MM £14.09 PACK 10
Q053282D Shackle HD Galvanised 8mm L25mm with 13mm gap 8mm pin Jaw Width: 17 MM Length: 50 MM Pin Diameter: 8 MM £18.08 PACK 10
Q053283D Shackle HD Galvanised 10mm L40mm with 20mm gap 10mm pin Jaw Width: 20 MM Length: 60 MM Pin Diameter: 10 MM £17.99 PACK 10
Q053284D Shackle HD Galvanised 11mm L44mm with 22mm gap 11mm pin Jaw Width: 26 MM Length: 80 MM Pin Diameter: 11 MM £22.67 PACK 10
Q053285D Shackle HD Galvanised 12mm L48mm with 25mm gap 12mm pin Jaw Width: 23 MM Length: 75 MM Pin Diameter: 12 MM £26.16 PACK 10
Q053286D Shackle HD Galvanised 14mm L56mm with 28mm gap 14mm pin Jaw Width: 30 MM Length: 87 MM Pin Diameter: 14 MM £16.44 PACK 5
Q053287D Shackle HD Galvanised 16mm L64mm with 32mm gap 16mm pin Jaw Width: 30 MM Length: 95 MM Pin Diameter: 16 MM £17.60 PACK 5
Q053288D Shackle HD Galvanised 20mm L76mm with 38mm gap 20mm pin Jaw Width: 38 MM Length: 115 MM Pin Diameter: 20 MM £28.70 PACK 5
Q053289D Shackle HD Galvanised 22mm L85mm with 44mm gap 22mm pin Jaw Width: 44 MM Length: 140 MM Pin Diameter: 21 MM £38.82 PACK 5