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Aquabatten Leech Tapered Carbon
  • PRE-PREG CARBON EPOXY tapered batten range
  • Up to 35% lighter for a given stiffness
  • Unique layering process increases inter-laminar bond
  • Laminate construction encapsulated in a multi layer outer casing minimises batten failure
  • Stress is dissipated along the full length of the batten
  • Increased torque stress resistance (twist), where uni-directional milled pultruded battens can fail

 Part No.NameDescriptionUnit of Measure
L404001001000C15Leech Tapered Carbon Batten 1000 x 14mm | 4 x 1mm EACH
L404001001000C20Leech Tapered Carbon Batten 1000 x 20mm | 4 x 1mm EACH
L406001001000C15Leech Tapered Carbon Batten 1000 x 15mm | 6 x 1mm EACH
L406001001000C20Leech Tapered Carbon Batten 1000 x 20mm | 6 x 1mm EACH
L408001251000C15Leech Tapered Carbon Batten 1000 x 15mm | 8 x 1.25mm EACH
L408001251000C20Leech Tapered Carbon Batten 1000 x 20mm | 8 x 1.25mm Colour: Black/Red/Black EI: 103 NM2 Length of Max Thickness: 40 % Length: 1000 MM Material: Carbon Shape: Rectoid Thickness Outer: 8 MM Thickness Tip: 1.25 MM Weight: 157 G Width: 20 MM EACH