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Founded in 1917, Bainbridge International is one of the longest established sailcloth manufacturers in the world, with almost a century's experience in developing and supplying the highest quality, highest performance materials to the marine industry.

HSX-P a new Double Ripstop Sailcloth range aimed squarely at the Cruising & Cruise Race Sailor

Bainbridge - the world's oldest sailcloth manufacturer is very proud to announce their very latest range of woven sailcloth, which maximises the advantages of a double ripstop in an all polyester construction.

HSX-P has been developed to expand the popular Bainbridge HSX range. From the outset the brief to the Bainbridge R&D team was to develop a sailcloth which offers a significant step-up from plain weave HSX, combined with the functional performance advantages of HSX-V. The 100% polyester construction of high tenacity fibres in this new sailcloth hits this target through design and the latest finishing techniques.

NEW HSX-P brings the proven advantages of a double ripstop woven polyester sailcloth to the Cruising/Cruise Race sailor. This new generation of sailcloth demonstrates the further advancement of Bainbridge's unique specialist expertise in developing technical fabrics which optimise strength, performance and quality.

HSX-P has utilised the Bainbridge R&D team's experience and knowledge developed during the creation of the widely acclaimed HSX-V Vectran® family of sailcloth. The finalised HSX-P range benefits from the shared knowledge and ongoing field testing of Bainbridge Ripstop fabrics.

What does this mean for the Sailor?

HSX-P is a highly durable sailcloth with a visually clear strength and performance advantage over traditional plain weave products.

What does this mean for the Sailmaker?

HSX-P is a competitively priced, good performance product that is easy to work and handle - enabling the production of high-quality finished sails. HSX-P enables more differentiation in the market - enabling the sailmaker to sell a finished product with clear performance and a quality premium.

The NEW HSX-P family of sailcloth is in stock now with initial orders being fulfilled to sailmakers and distributors around the globe.